They report that Lisa Bonet has asked Jason Momoa for divorce

  • The couple would have separated more than three years ago, without ending their marriage

Two years after publicly announcing their separation, actors Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are preparing to legally dissolve their marriage.

According to Us Weekly magazine, it was the 56-year-old artist who filed for divorce, alleging that her decision to return to singlehood is due to a series of “irreconcilable differences.”

The documents in the media’s possession also reveal that Momoa and Bonet officially ended their coexistence on October 7, 2020, more than a year before making it public.

Now, any hint of reconciliation between them can be completely ruled out, as some of their fans expected after the two artists were photographed together in recent times.

The couple announced the end of their love story four years after getting married, although in total they had been in a relationship for 17 years. They are parents of two teenage children, Lola Lolani (16) and Nakoa-Wolf (15), whose well-being is today the top priority of the two artists.

In fact, in the statement they issued to inform their followers of what happened, both stressed that their way of proceeding had no other objective than to offer a positive example to their children.

Sources close to them maintain that their breakup was the result of a progressive distancing between them, the origin of which lies in their respective vital concerns. Lisa Bonet has stayed relatively out of the spotlight for decades, and she prefers to lead a very discreet life.