They reveal that Angélica Rivera will have her bioseries

The relationship that Angélica Rivera had with Peña Nieto continues to be of interest to her fans

It was announced that Angélica Rivera will have a bioseries, where she will tell her entire story with Peña Nieto, as announced by Cynthia Klitbo, a very close friend of the actress.

The relationship that the actress Angélica Rivera had with the former president of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto was very controversial and is a topic that intrigues millions of Mexicans.

Previously Angélica Rivera confessed what she suffered married to Enrique Peña Nieto, however the actress plans to give more details about her ex-husband.

The soap opera actress Angélica Rivera was married to Enrique Peña Nieto, while he was president of Mexico and from the beginning of their relationship was marked by many scandals, which ended with the couple’s divorce.

Now in a recent interview, actress Cynthia Klitbo talked about who she considers one of her great friends, Angelica Rivera, and revealed the reasons why Peña’s ex does not return to television.

“She lives in Miami, the wretch is still stupidly beautiful, rather than returning they are writing her biography, they are already in the last treatments of the life story of my friend Angie,” Klitbo said.

With this statement, what was rumored several years ago is confirmed, that Angélica Rivera will have a bioseries, where she would obviously talk about Peña Nieto and her stage as first lady of Mexico.

As for the cast that would be part of the possible production, the name of one of Angélica Rivera’s daughters, actress Sofía Castro, is mentioned because of the great resemblance she shares with her mother.

In addition, Sofía Castro could give realism to what Angélica Rivera experienced, because she is also part of the story.