They reveal that Matthew Perry never gave up drugs, and even got them through dating apps

Matthew Perry conquered thousands of viewers with his character “Chandler”.


Two months after Matthew Perry, the beloved actor of Friends died, new and worrying aspects of his life came to light that have shed light on how he spent his last months.

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Matthew Perry drowned at the age of 54 on October 28 under strange circumstances that have not been completely clarified, since the actor’s body was found in his home in Los Angeles with a series of illegal substances near himaccording to the TMZ portal.

Now, several weeks after this unfortunate death occurred, the Daily Mail revealed that, apparently, The actor never managed to overcome his drug addiction and even found a new way to get them without arousing suspicion.


Matthew Perry He fought, for several years, against his addiction to drugs and alcohol, an experience that he recounted in his memoirs published in 2022, where he had also assured that he was already away from vices.

“I’d go out with them and then I’d say, ‘Can you get me something?’ ”

However, according to information published by the Daily Mail, Matthew Perry would have found a new way to be able to keep their addictions in force: dating apps.

The article of Daily Mail revealed that, although there were people who took care of Matthew Perry so that he did not relapse into addictions, the actor he managed to meet women on various dating apps, date them and ask them for drugs without his close circle finding out:

“I’d go out with them and then I’d say, ‘Can you get me something?’ “revealed a source cited by the Daily Mail.

In fact, many people interviewed by journalists acknowledged that Matthew Perry lived from date to date, looking for women to get him drugs easily and discreetly, something that had already been confirmed by the autopsy performed on the actor’s body and where it was revealed that there were traces of illicit substances in his system.