They reveal that the health of Andrés García is getting complicated

The renowned actor has shown a deterioration in his health, this as a result of the cirrhosis that was diagnosed

The renowned actor Andrés García has shown a deterioration in his health, this as a result of the cirrhosis that he was diagnosed with and has had multiple visits to the hospital, it has even been rumored on occasions that he has already passed away.

But it was in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, that it was revealed that García’s health is already in a “delicate” stage, because according to the testimony of Margarita Portillo, the actor has lost weight and is in bed, since is forbidden to leave the house and even stand

“Spend the time in bed. He can’t move because of medical instructions, he can’t go out. Right now she is more aware of his situation, he is detoxified and that makes him aware that he is wrong ”, Andrés’s fourth wife.

On the other hand, Portillo pointed out that he has lived a very difficult stage, since he said that although his health is stable, it is not ruled out that cirrhosis could continue to worsen over time.

In the middle of the interview, Margarita could not help crying to tell how much it hurts her to see how her husband deteriorates over time, as she assures that the disease that has left him bedridden has no cure, for what only remains for him to comfort him in his worst moments.
“It is delicate because it is something that is no longer going to be cured, but stable,” said the novelist.

“For me it is very painful, very difficult. He always told me ‘here we go baby, shoulder to shoulder’ and then now he tells me the same thing, here we are baby, shoulder to shoulder until the end, because I spend all my time lying down with him, “he added.