They reveal the strong nickname that Shakira gave her ex-father-in-law, you won’t believe it!

They point out that Shakira, presumably, had no qualms about referring to her father-in-law with nicknames, even in front of her children.

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Shakira and Piqué surprised the world by announcing their surprising separation in June 2022; Now, more than a year later, new details of the relationship that the singer had with the parents of the Spanish soccer player come to light.

First, several sources revealed that Shakira, who is currently enjoying the success of “El Jefe”her new song, she called “La Bruja” to her mother-in-law for several years, Montserrat Bernabéu.

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Until now, everything pointed to a classic conflict between daughter-in-law and mother-in-lawwell Joan Piqué, Gerard’s father, had so far remained on the sidelines of the entire conflict. unleashed by the couple’s breakup; However, this apparently came to an end due to information leaked by a journalist.

Presumably, Shakira also addressed her father-in-law with a hurtful nickname What he would have even said in front of his children, Sasha and Milan, which one is it?


Apparently, Shakira not only got along badly with her mother-in-law: According to journalist Silvia Taulés, the Colombian also had a rough relationship with Joan Piqué.

And the communicator pointed out in the Spanish program TardeAR that Shakira calls “The Ogre” to Don Joan, father of his ex-partner; She even detailed that on several occasions the singer had said this to her children’s grandfather in front of them.

This information would only confirm one of the hints that fans discovered in the new song by Shakira“The Boss”, where one of the lines says: “There is still my ex-father-in-law who does not set foot in a grave.”

As you see, the conflict between both families is far from over, and in the meantime, they continue to come to light details that reveal what was really happening between Shakira and Piqué.