They reveal the time that Pablo Layle would spend in jail

This is what Pablo Layle looks like today

In a few days the Mexican actor has suffered a deterioration in his appearance, which is not minor after two weeks have passed since he Paul Lyle was sentenced to spend five years in a state prisonafter being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Juan Ricardo Hernandez.

According to the TV Azteca news portal and some other international media, yesterday, the Mexican actor was again booked, but for this process he was completely shaved and will then be transferred to a new prison in Florida, where he will be evaluated to define what you can work and study during the time you are serving your sentence.

Pablo Lyle is going to remain in this new detention center for between five and seven weeks, since later they will make known the pressure where they will have to be until they serve their entire sentence, all this while the defense continues working on the appeal, same that they have to present within 30 days of the sentencing.

When is Pablo Lyle going to get out of jail?

It is no surprise to anyone that Pablo Lyle’s process has been too long and complicated for the actor; However, in the documents that were leaked in the last transfer of the Sinaloan, I can see the date on which he will leave prison, this will be September 29, 2027.

However, there is the possibility that this time will decrease due to the good behavior of Pablo Lyle in prison or the work he does during his stay in prison, or that the 15% sentence reduction will be applied if the legal part it asserts that opportunity allowed by US law.

What is the status of Pablo Lyle?

Another aspect that has drawn a lot of attention from the actor’s followers is that Pablo Lyle looked very deteriorated in his physical appearance, since alopecia has consumed his hair and his face can be seen quite emaciated in the photo shared by the program. of television ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’.