They revealed more details of the giant iron ball that appeared on a beach in Japan

The appearance of a large metallic sphere on a beach in Japan was denounced on Tuesday by a woman who lives in the area and unleashed a mega operation by local authorities who have not yet been able to determine the origin of this mysterious object.

Explosives specialists They ruled out it being a bomb. Several experts dressed in protective gear restricted access to Enshu beach in the city of Hamamatsu to examine the giant ball and concluded that there was no risk of an explosion.

A witness told the Japanese television network nhk that he had recently gone to that beach to run and was surprised by all the attention that unidentified object was receiving since, according to him, It has been in that place for a month. “I tried to push her, but she wouldn’t move,” she said in an interview with the station.

The local press noted that the iron sphere of a meter and a half in diameter is rusty and it has a projection in the shape of a handle that would allow it to be hooked to another element. Besides, it is hollowaccording to a study carried out by experts with an X-ray scanner.

According to the Hamamatsu authorities, the ball It will be removed from the beach shortly. And they warned that rakes were carried out in the area to rule out that there are more foreign objects that are a threat to the local community.

Specialists closed access to the beach to investigate the origin of the object, which has not yet been confirmed (REUTERS) (Twitter/@XMiS10C4M6QthSG/)

Local television reports said photos of the object have already been sent to the Japan Self-Defense Forces and coast guard experts.

On the other hand, social networks have generated much speculation among users about the origin of this sphere and, through some comments, they have compared it with objects from disaster and science fiction movies. There are also some people who suspect that it is a type of buoy and they estimate that it came from the ocean since it apparently has crustaceans attached to its surface.

Local authorities declared that the sphere will be removed from the beach in Hamamatsu, Japan (REUTERS)
Local authorities declared that the sphere will be removed from the beach in Hamamatsu, Japan (REUTERS) (Twitter/@XMiS10C4M6QthSG/)

In addition, this apparition arises at a time when there is great interest in the discoveries of unidentified objects in different parts of the world after the United States shot down on February 4 a Chinese balloon that according to Washington is part of an espionage program and that Beijing had only meteorological purposes.

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