They revealed that Giorgia Meloni’s father was sentenced to nine years in prison for drug trafficking in Spain

The leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, walks in the polling station during the elections in Rome, Italy, on September 25, 2022. (REUTERS/Yara Nardi/File photo) (YARA NARDI/)

Giorgia Meloni’s father was sentenced to 9 years in prison for drug trafficking in 1996revealed the Spanish press this Thursday, days after the electoral triumph of the far-right leader Brothers from Italy.

The case, revealed by him Majorca Newspaper, dates back to 1995. At the time, the father of Italy’s next prime minister had had no contact with his daughter for years: Francesco Meloni left his wife Anna Paratore and his daughters Arianna Y Georgia in 1978, when the leader of the Italian right was barely a year old.

After leaving the family Meloni moved to the Canary Islands in the 1980s aboard a ship called Crazy Horse. She never came home. In the Canary Islands, he turned to the hospitality and real estate businesses: in La Gomera he ran the restaurant Marquis of Oristano, while in Santa Cruz de Tenerife he had two other properties in his name.

On September 25, 1995, according to the Spanish press, the man was arrested in the port of Maóin Menorca, after being found with 1,500 kilos of hashish hidden in his sailboatthe Cool Star. Traveling with him were two other children, born from another relationship, and the son-in-law.

That drug kidnapping, according to the Majorca Newspaper, it was one of the largest held up to that time in the Balearic Islands.

At trial, Meloni pleaded guilty to moving drugs from Morocco to Menorca and in 1996 was sentenced to nine years.

His children and son-in-law were sentenced to four years, although Meloni took full responsibility by explaining that he had taken them to Morocco with the excuse of a vacation.

The father of the leader of the Brothers of Italy said that he had agreed to traffic the drug because he was in bankruptcy and there was lost his hotel business. To transport the drug from Morocco, he received fifty million pesetas (about 500 thousand euros at today’s exchange rate). In addition to drugs, they seized on the sailboat 7,533,000 Italian lire (about 5 thousand euros) and 74,000 pesetas (about 800 euros).

in his autobiography I am Giorgiathe leader of the Italian right said that she was abandoned by her father when she was just one year old and stopped having contact with him completely when she was 11that is to say in 1988, seven years before the man was arrested. Until the age of 11, family contact had been limited to visits of two weeks a year from Giorgia and her sister.

Giorgia Meloni Mother and Sister
Giorgia Meloni with her mother and sister. Her father abandoned them in 1978, when the leader of the Italian Brothers was one year old. (Instagram Giorgia Meloni)

According to him Majorca Newspaper, Francesco Meloni he was known for having libertarian ideas and being an atheist. Giorgia herself revealed that the father was a “communist”. For this reason, some speculated that she approached the right from a very young age as a reaction to the convictions of her father.

However, Meloni said that he found out about his father’s political ideas “later”. “Actually I don’t remember ever living with my father, he left home when I was about a year old. So he is not a person with whom I had a day to day to talk about politics during adolescence “, said in an interview on the channel ninth.

In another interview on a program of the RAI, Meloni talked about the moment she decided to stop seeing her father. “He disappeared on a boat and left us with his partner, who was not enthusiastic. I decided that I would never see him again. When I turned 13 he sent me a telegram: ‘Happy birthday. Frank’. Not ‘dad’, Franco. I told myself that I had made the right decision.”

In the same interview, delved into the reasons that led her to cut the link. “If an 11-year-old girl decides that her father doesn’t want to see him anymore and then she really does, obviously this man has done something. My father did everything he could not to endear himself, to be esteemed. It’s hard for me to say that he was a good person.”

The leader of the Brothers of Italy also said that when her father died she did not feel “neither hate nor dislike”.

“I did not feel anything. It was like a TV character had died, just that,” she recalled. “It means that something very deep has sunk into the unconscious of a girl. And this is something that makes me angry.”

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