They steal half a million pesos from Consuelo Duval and with artificial intelligence. Know all the details


One more celebrity was a victim of the crime that prevails in Mexico. The actress and host Consuelo Duval was robbed of half a million pesos in cash and jewelry.

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The host of the Neta Divinas program fell into the hands of the underworld with the famous “La Patrona” method, which consists of criminals making domestic workers believe that their boss is in danger and they must give money to save him.

The journalist Antonio Nietowas the one who reported the theft, on the morning of this Wednesday, December 6, through his X account (former Twitter).

“With the “boss” method and an Artificial Intelligence audio, Consuelo’s domestic worker delivered money and jewelry to thieves in the Cuajimalpa mayor’s office.”he detailed in the publication that went viral.

According to the same red note specialist reporter, the thieves took the loot aboard two vehicles that they requested on the Uber platform.

So far, Consuelo Duval has not commented on the matter.