They sue Anna Ferro for not returning money from Fernando del Solar

Anna Ferro, widow of Fernando del Solar, has been sued for not returning money from a campaign that the driver could not carry out.

Recently, friends of the deceased driver Fernando del Solar They pointed out that situations will begin to be uncovered about the Argentine’s inheritance and Anna Ferro’s attitudes.

The first to speak was a former employee of the also actor, who stated that Anna Ferro was already ‘fed up’ of having to deal with Fernando and his illness, a lymphatic cancer with which he fought for several years.

But it is not the only situation for the widow, since a former representative of Fernando del Solar told Ventaneando that there is already a lawsuit against Ferro for not return the money from an advertising campaign that the driver could no longer perform.

Jorge Pretelin said that they are legally seeking redeem the advance that they gave to Del Solar, since she has refused to return it.

According to Pretelin, Fer was hired at his agency and he is the one who is the depositary of this lawsuit against Ferro.

They were advertising campaigns that could not be fulfilled due to the death of Fer and the brands. The client, very respectfully and politely, the only thing he asked for was the return of the advance to be able to terminate the contract, ”he said.

Although he tried to make it up with Anna, she would have refused and even cut off all kinds of communication.
I tried to arrange it directly with the widow of Fernando del Solar, without having a good response at first. Fortunately, Fer’s family intervened, they spoke to Anna Ferro, but she cut off all communication and began to evade responsibility.
Lastly, he stressed that she is the one who has to answer for the advance as executor, widow and heiress.