They take a corpse out of the coffin and give it one last motorcycle ride

A very strange funeral took place in Ecuador, as a group of people took the corpse of the deceased from his coffin and gave him a ride on a motorcycle

An unusual and almost gloomy event took place in Ecuador, where a group of people staged what could be the most bizarre funeral in the world, when they took a body out of the coffin to give it one last motorcycle ride.

The fact that went viral showed us a group of friends of the deceased identified as Erick Serdeño, who probably used to ride a motorcycle with his companions, which is why they decided to give him one more ride before his departure to the afterlife. .

This country has already become one of the most controversial after the unusual farewells they give to their dead, because a couple of weeks ago, women pounded a coffin before firing a man who had recently died.

The funeral of the young man, whose causes of death revealed shortly after his news, became a trend after he died thanks to his friends, who starred in the bizarre funeral, where during the procession of transfer to his grave, they decided to remove the body from the coffin .

What at first was believed to be a kidnapping, shortly afterwards it was confirmed as a possible last will, as the young people put the body on a motorcycle and gave it one last ride because apparently it requested that out of desire since it used to do ‘rolls ‘ with your friends.