They take down Wendy Guevara’s Instagram account, what now?

Wendy Guevara could leave The House of Celebrities.


Bad news for Wendy Guevara and a low blow in the midst of the resounding success she is having for her triumph in the first season of La Casa de los Famosos México.

the afternoon of this Wednesday August 16 The official Instagram account, with more than six million followers, of the famous content creator disappeared, generating a wave of rumors on social networks about what had happened.

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Wendya celebrity who became popular precisely through social networks, added more than four million followers on Instagram, during his time at LCDLFM, becoming a media phenomenon.

Wendy Guevara's Instagram account disappears

Wendy Guevara’s Instagram account disappears


The influencer has not appeared to make a statement about it on any of her other social networks, so it is unknown exactly what happened, if it was due to a sanction by Instagram or if Wendy decided to close it due to some strategy.