They threaten to reveal Juan Gabriel’s will

Five years after the official will of Juan Gabriel, in which he left his son Iván Aguilera as universal heir, we learn that Silvia Urquidi will announce the alleged distribution of the singer’s fortune exclusively for a television station based in the United States.

In an interview with TV and novels, the lawyer Guillermo Pous, executor of Alberto Aguilera Valadez’s family, reveals to us whether they will take legal action against Urquidi if he dares to disclose the details about Don Alberto’s inheritance.

Can anyone have access to Juan Gabriel’s will? Not just anyone; You can legally have a previous copy, but the one endorsed in 2019 is not a public document; It may be a different document from the one everyone knows and the one that the United States and Mexican Courts have determined to be the only and true one, perhaps, but there cannot be another will other than the one endorsed.

Silvia Urquidi and Guillermo Pous

By whom is the will endorsed in Mexico? By the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. It was granted before a notary in Cancun; The succession was opened before a notary in Mexico City, and the will was absolutely firm and recognized after a trial by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (in 2019).

Is it possible that Silvia Urquidi has a will prior to the final one? Surely, if the lady insisted on looking for him, she could have had access to him; I do not know through what means it could have been made, but there are previous wills, it is not a secret either.

Silvia Urquidi and Guillermo Pous

How many wills existed before the end? At least I can tell you that the previous one, which was replaced by the current one and that it is the one that is firm; the one that was finalized by the Supreme Court is that of June 2014.

Will there be any legal implications if I make the will known? Legal implication as far as it affects (in the inheritance of Juan Gabriel), not at all; It seems to me that we would no longer exercise any legal action, the lady must have enough problems, what she is looking for is attention.