They use artificial intelligence in male infertility treatments

Spanish scientists developed a system that makes use of artificial intelligence to select sperm from patients being treated for male infertility

A true advance in male infertility treatments represents the system developed by Spanish scientists that selects sperm non-invasively using technology guided by artificial intelligence.

The refined system, presented to the international community during a reproductive medicine congress held in California, improves the ability to diagnose problems in the sperm of patients as well as increases the chances of implantation.

And it is that thanks to the observation assisted by virtual learning models, scientists ensure that it is possible to determine which sperm are the ones that have the best chance of being successfully implanted.

Artificial intelligence knows how to identify each sperm
The artificial intelligence system is capable of differentiating some sperm from others, which allows them to be selected according to those with a more appropriate profile, which increases the results of the treatments.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence is also being used in embryonic observations, managing to monitor the appearance of one while it is in an incubator to determine the chances of success when it is implanted.