They want her prey! Hector ‘N’s lawyer denounced Alexa, Ginny Hoffman’s daughter

Alexa, Younger daughter of Héctor Parra, who in June 2021 accused her own father of alleged sexual abuse, looks black now that the actor’s lawyer, José Luis Guerrero, denounced her for false statements, with which the case gives an unexpected twist, while the 19-year-old could step into jail if authorities find her guilty of what she is accused of.

In an interview with TV and novels, the artist’s defender clarifies the legal situation of his client and the consequences that Ginny Hoffman’s daughter could also have.

Why did you decide to report Alexa Parra last Wednesday? Because she first filed a complaint in which she requested that I be investigated for the alleged commission of the crime of revealing secrets that never existed.

When Alexa reported you for revealing secrets, what secrets were you referring to? It is called disclosure of secrets, but in itself it is data that could be confidential; I do not know any secrets from her because I am not her lawyer nor has she ever had direct communication with me, so there is no reservation. I am the defendant’s defense, and from there I can know the data and, of course, propose my strategy; We dismissed the complaint based on our answer because there is no disclosure of secrets, I do not know the lady’s secrets.

When did Alexa file this complaint for the alleged disclosure of secrets? She filed it at the beginning of October through a letter that was later ratified by the Public Ministry, and in this complaint, she specified facts that do not correspond to historical or legal reality. She filed the complaint on the 11th and ratified it on the 13th, then there is a response during the last days of October, starting with the criminal requirement of the MP, and when I answer, she realizes my response, so, to At the end of last year, on December 20, he submitted a letter in which he tries to perfect his initial complaint by modifying facts.

Is that legal? That cannot be because no one should be seeking to impute through falsehoods, saying that they had been wrong. Anyway, that is a crime; The refinement of the declaration, in my legal understanding, enters as a crime of false declaration before an authority, and is punishable by a penalty of three to seven years in prison, but I am not only asking, through a breakdown of this folder that It had already been started since October, that it is investigated whether that document, dated December 20, was signed by her, because without being an expert or an expert in graphoscopy, I notice very clear differences between one firm and another. The one of October 11 is different from the one of December 20, so I ask that the expert opinion on graphoscopy be carried out so that it can be reviewed if she presented that signature or not, and that the appearance by She before the Public Ministry so that she can recognize this writing as her own or not. It would be extremely serious if it had been falsified and that, in addition, it was trying to lead to procedural fraud by means of unsigned documents as a complainant. Right now she is at risk of falling into a crime that carries a responsibility that deserves penalty.

When you speak of false statements, what are you specifically referring to? Because, in her first writing, she mentioned facts that do not correspond to the truth, and that at the moment in which I refute the facts and say that they did not happen that way nor did they correspond to the truth, she modified that statement and tried to amend. The moment you try to perfect the opening statement, you are committing a crime.

Was Alexa influenced by her mother at the time of the statement? I could not affirm it, but I can say that it was poorly advised legally. I think they led her to sign on facts that did not correspond to the truth.

Once you have filed this complaint, what proceeds in judicial terms? I promoted that writing based on article 216 of the National Code of Criminal Procedures, so the MP has three days to agree. The deadline would expire this Monday, January 10, so on Tuesday I would have to know if it was appropriate or not, and from there I can use the resources that the law grants me to be able to make my defense valid. Of course, from my experience, I see it feasible that it can be prosecuted through the crime that I am invoking: false statements.

In case she doesn’t go to prison, what would be the other penalty Alexa would face? Here it is not like the American system, here what the code establishes is what it has to comply with. If he commits a crime, he must face a penalty, and if there is not, he obviously receives acquittal.

Can she appeal or protect herself? Of course, she can protect herself against any determination of authority, of course, as any Mexican citizen has that right.

Is Héctor Parra’s judicial process still stagnant or has he made some progress? We continue to notice the wrongdoing of the authorities. On December 13, the MP closed the complementary investigation, but without having carried out acts that we had proposed in a timely manner. I am referring to acts of investigation. In the current Mexican system you can promote investigative acts, and it has the authority to decide whether they are appropriate or not, and vent them with expert opinions, testimonials or various actions. There were pending testimonies, there were pending opinions on various matters that the MP did not want to carry out, so we had to go to a control hearing that was held on December 24. Before dinner we were in court litigating Hector’s issue, and the judge ruled in our favor, ordering the MP to reopen the investigation for another 30 days and unburden the acts that we had proposed to him. That is, the deadline expires on January 24.

Then what would come? An accusation will come from the MP, we will answer the accusation, and from then on we will be able to unleash the trial. Today, Hector, as you know, is not in a trial, there is not a single document that proves his responsibility in the events that were attributed to him, so we will continue.

How long can Hector go without being brought to trial? It is that in principle we bet that we are not going to go to trial. And in case it is reached, the code establishes that the term can not take more than two years. Here you have to define, if you go to trial, for what crime it would be. It should not be forgotten that he is accused of the alleged commission of two crimes: sexual abuse and corruption of minors. Sexual abuse was not provided as a crime with a penalty of informal preventive detention. In other words, for this alleged crime, my client should be free today; facing the process, yes, but in freedom. And the second crime, which is the corruption of minors, that does merit informal preventive detention, but of that crime there is not a single leave in the investigation folder that leads us to presume the commission.

Currently, how is Héctor doing, did spending the Christmas holidays in prison affect you emotionally? Yes, of course, as anyone who was. It did affect him, remember that Hector also suffers from depression, and then they were difficult moments. But there is something that keeps him standing, and it is the conviction of his innocence. I got to talk to him about the possibility of approaching the alleged victim and looking, as in other public cases of youtubers, in which the crimes have been modified, in order to find an alternative way to solve it. We have very recent cases (YosStop), but Héctor told me that he is not going to give in, he does not intend to negotiate or offer a public apology.

He seeks to defend his honor and reputation … Well, he was clear when he told me: “As long as I have to be inside, I will be, but they won’t find an apology, because I didn’t commit those crimes.”

Are you taking medicine for depression? Yes, these medications are provided to Héctor through the prison’s medical system.

Did your daughter Daniela visit you in December? She visited him a little before Christmas and was there with him.