They want to make Spanish the main programming language

Programmer. (photo: Euroinnova)

The English language is still the predominant foundation for coding and a required skill by IT companies. technology in the region, which creates a significant barrier to attracting more people to the industry.

According to a recent study by the Spanish IT services company Everis, 55% of companies in Latin America they said that finding the right employee was difficult, while experts estimate that the region will see 10 million new IT vacancies by 2025.

Under this context, Primitive Roman Montero, who has always been drawn to coding, had trouble learning programming languages ​​due to his reliance on English when he attended the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Tepeaca in Mexico.

The logic of the most prominent programming languages, such as Python, is based on the vocabulary and syntax of English, using terms like ‘while’ or ‘if not’ to trigger certain actions, which makes it much more difficult to learn. for non-native speakers.

Additionally, many of the most popular educational resources for learning to code, including Stack Exchange, are also in English.

“When I started, everything was in English,” Román told Rest of World. “It was very difficult having to constantly translate and understand it in my language.”

As the region sees a torrent of venture funding and interest from tech companies, there is growing momentum to address labor shortages among the region’s tech community by train workers to operate in Spanish.

Software developers like Roman, coding bootcamps and meetup organizations have started their own initiatives, from providing translations of educational materials to creating a Spanish-based programming language.