They warn about cell phone thefts at Karol G’s concert at the Azteca Stadium: this is the mondus operandi

Karol G’s fans experienced a sad moment when they were victims of robbery during the concert.


He Karol G concert at the Azteca Stadium, one of the most anticipated events of the year, was marred by a series of cell phone thefts. Concertgoers, full of excitement and anticipation, were faced with an unpleasant reality: their personal belongings, particularly their cell phones, were the target of thieves.

They reveal the mondus operandi of cell phone theft at a concert

He modus operandi of these robberies presented at Karol G’s concert It is alarming and sophisticated. Criminals take advantage of crowds and distractions to steal people’s cell phones. In some cases, thieves borrow a cell phone to make a supposed emergency call and then run away with the device.

karol g.png

Karol G ready for her second night in Mexico.


Furthermore, it has been reported that criminals use techniques of cybercrime to “hijack” cell phones. This involves the use of malware that is introduced into the cell phone system when people fall prey to criminals. Once they have control of the device, criminals can access victims’ personal data, including financial information, and loot their bank accounts.

The Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City has been working to arrest those responsible for these thefts. During the Karol G’s first concert, three people were arrested accused of stealing people’s belongings. However, despite these efforts, theft continues to be a problem.

It is important for those attending massive events like this to be alert and protect their belongings. Avoid lending your cell phone to strangers, even if they appear to be in an emergency situation. If you receive a message with a suspicious link, do not open or reply to it, it could be a phishing attempt.

Concerts are an opportunity to enjoy music and have a good time, but they can also be a target for criminals. Keep your belongings safe and keep your eyes open to avoid becoming a victim of theft.

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