“They were going for the money of Thalía and Tommy Mottola”; Laura Zapata remembers her kidnapping

The actress Laura Zapata She recalled how terrible her kidnapping was, which occurred on September 22, 2002, when she was intercepted along with her sister as she left the San Rafael Theater. Ernestine.

“I thought it was an assault, but when I saw that they didn’t take the car, then I said: ‘My God, what is going to happen here?’”.

Shoe told in an interview with Yordi Rosado that they put her in the trunk of a car in which in her desperation she tried to break a skull to get her hand out. “Pure fantastic thought,” the actress now acknowledges.

He said that he was in two safe houses, the second of which was a place where there were traces of blood and pieces of glass.

“So, with my actress mind, I told the kidnappers: ‘Look, they probably beat him here and then dragged him here.’

Zapata says that those comments were part of the peculiar way in which she related to her captors, whom she always confronted.

“I confronted them. In the second place where they had us, there were some little birds and then I asked one of them ‘whose are those little birds, are they yours right?’ And he told me yes. And then he would ask her ‘if you were an animal, what animal would you be?’ And I told him myself: ‘surely you would be a bird because you would like to be free but you are not free because you dedicate yourself to this’.

What the kidnappers made clear to Laura Zapata from the first moment was that the kidnapping had a purpose. “They told me ‘this is nothing personal, we want the money from Tommy Mottola and we need the phone Thalia”.

Zapatra explains that the kidnappers did talk to his sister Thalía, who at first thought it was a joke but as soon as she found out it was real, she was willing to help.

“She behaved like a queen; From the first moment. The only thing she wanted was for her not to happen to us.”

After his release and that of his sister Ernestine (which happened at different times) Laura Zapata staged the play ‘Cautivas’, in which her experience was narrated.