They will cover the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent with artificial membrane

The project, led by the architects Francisco Javier Moctezuma and Gonzalo Álvarez Tostado, will cost close to 50 million pesos

The Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, located in the heart of the Teotihuacan archaeological zone, will be protected with a metal structure that will support a 700 square meter membrane, made of a thermoplastic polymer, resistant to heat, corrosion and UV rays. known as strong fluoropolymer (ETFE), a material 10 times lighter than glass and that will cost close to 50 million pesos.

The project belongs to the Dos Puntos Arquitectura studio, headed by Francisco Javier Moctezuma Mendoza and Gonzalo Álvarez Tostado, and made up of 26 experts, who received 600,000 pesos, an award, and the implementation of the project that will protect said structure, which has faced severe deterioration since the last year (Excélsior, 08/03/2021).

However, the project must be nurtured by the other two finalists, who yesterday also received 300 thousand pesos each, made up of Luis Manuel O. López’s Ignitia Developments and the studio of Taro Zorrilla and José Enrique Lastra. However, now the challenge will be different, recognized Diego Prieto, head of the INAH.

“Conclude this contest and begin a greater task. Now what we have to do is the executive project and I hope that the winners and, if they can also the second places, support us, because we are not entirely satisfied (with the winning project) and we want it to be able to feed back with the other proposals ”.

He recognized that the executive project will have a cost, although implementing the solution would be covered with approximately 40 or 50 million pesos, “which is not much for the size of the responsibility and the importance of a world heritage site. However, at the beginning (of the contest) I thought we were going to need around 140 million pesos, so we are not that expensive,” he said.

He also acknowledged that the INAH does not have the 50 million pesos, but that he expects the collaboration of the federal Ministry of Culture, directed by Alejandra Frausto; of the government of President López Obrador and the INAH Board of Trustees (headed by Altagracia Gómez Sierra), “which is present here and we are going to ask them to do a great campaign now so that we can, soon, obtain this resource, because the determination of the INAH is that next year we start the work and that it will not be until 2024 that we finish installing this protection system, “he said.

“So I suggest to the members of the board of trustees (Epigmenio Ibarra and Mario Núñez Mariel, among others) that they have this as their main task, that they help us think about the fundraising processes so that we can soon be calmer and that the deterioration of this façade is stopped”, he added.

Later, Javier Moctezuma, from Dos Puntos Arquitectura, described the winning project.

«The roof that has been proposed has the characteristic of being only supported on the adjoining pyramid and this means that the Pyramid of Quetzalcóatl is not touched.

In addition, the structure has the virtue of being reversible, efficient, light, with low impact on the foundation, resistant to earthquakes and wind, requires simple maintenance, creates maximum protection with the minimum elements, has a low visual impact” and can rescue 80% of the facade as it is.

Said structure, he pointed out, will have a durability of 30 years and is divided into modules to facilitate its replacement.