They will launch a new Atari 2600+ console, with a retro style

Video game purists will be able to travel back in time after the arrival of an iconic retro console that captivated thousands of gamers in the 70s. This is because the launch of the new Atari 2600+ was announced with some improvements that players will love contemporaries.

In order to compete with the latest in entertainment, the video game developer founded in California, Atari, announced the return of one of the retro consoles most loved by gamers, the Atari 2600+, as well as the arrival of the classic games that youths were thrilled almost 50 years ago.

According to what was revealed on the official website of the video game brand, the new Atari 2600+ console accepts the cartridges that were used in the 2600 and 2700 model; It even comes with an arcade game featuring the classics Adventure, Missile Command, Yars’ Revenge, and more.

On the other hand, while the new Atari 2600+ looks similar to the old console back then, with wood-like decorations and chrome toggle switches, it does have some modern adaptations that gamers will surely love.

One of these innovations is that the Atari 2600+ console has an HDMI output, so that graphics can be seen better on a high-definition widescreen, such as those that exist today.

In addition, it has technology to prevent the cartridges from sticking, as it used to happen in video game consoles of a few decades ago. Of course, the control to play was recreated with the same design, so as not to break with the atmosphere of having fun like in the seventies or eighties.

As reported, the new Atari 2600+ retro console will be back in November 2023 as part of advance purchases, but it will only be available in the United States at a cost of $130, that is, two thousand 200 Mexican pesos. However, it has not yet been revealed when he will make a global comeback.