They won the “house of their dreams” but when they arrived at the place they found a nightmare

  • The Australian couple claims that the stipulations were not met, while the accused businessman called them “ungrateful”

Kevin and Andrea Griffin’s initial excitement and excitement turned into a nightmare when they discovered that the $4.2 million “dream home” they had supposedly won through their LMCT+ membership was not what they were looking for. what did you expect.

The Australian couple are now in the middle of a bitter lawsuit with the owner of LMCT+, businessman Adrian Portelli, after having reported a series of irregularities.

The Gisborne house, located 54 kilometers northwest of Melbourne, had been the star of a reality show called “The Block” and that is why the case immediately went viral. It was recently given to the Griffins as part of the membership run by Portelli.

Kevin and Andrea had been paying for a year in hopes of winning the luxury home. However, their dream was shattered when they arrived at the property and realized that the luxury items and furniture that were supposed to be part of the prize were missing.

The couple’s disappointment was even greater when they discovered a security camera recording that showed Portelli removing valuables from the home before offering it as a prize.

The missing items included appliances, a treadmill and a luxury grill. Accusations of fraud and theft multiplied, and the Griffins filed a formal complaint against Portelli for recovering more than $100,000 worth of property from the house before turning it over to them.

The owner of LMCT+ responded to the accusations by calling the couple “ungrateful” and arguing that the items he removed from the house were not part of the terms and conditions of the contest.

Additionally, to make light of the issue, he posted a TikTok compilation of Mrs. Griffin criticizing the house. According to Portelli, these objects were part of the “show” and should not be considered a prize.

The bill submitted by the Griffins totals $102,000, covering a long list of valuable items, from candles to books, that were allegedly missing from the home that was advertised as “fully furnished.”

According to the British media Daily Mail, the Griffins have a website ready to go, titled “Our LMCT Nightmare,” if Portelli doesn’t pay up. They assure that the couple is willing to fight for what they consider to be their right.