This artificial intelligence allows you to colorize black and white photos

Color photography using an AI. (photo: Parlette/Composition/Jose Arana) (josearana63/)

The artificial intelligence it’s breaking into people’s computers every day. In this case, you can manage to help anyone who needs to colorize photos with the click of a button. Infobae has found palettea Simple website for coloring old black and white photos.

Coloring a black and white photo has become fashionable. It is not as difficult as before, because now all a person has to do is use the new neural filters of photoshopor better, visit Palette, created by Emil Wallner, affiliated with Google Arts.

The most striking thing about this application is the quality of results and ease of use, lighting a black and white photo requires no processing skills. You just have to discover what you need, enter a computer and have a good internet connection.

How Palette works, the AI ​​that allows you to color images

The first and perhaps the most difficult step is to find Palette. The name is very popular and if you put the word “Palette” in the search engine, you will find all kinds of hair dyes, applications to create color harmonies and more.

It is important to put the file extension .fm (Federated States of Micronesia domain name) to find exactly what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you can enter this link to go to the official website. From there, the user does not need to go around the page several times to obtain a good result.

(photo: Palette)
(photo: Palette)

First you have to select the photo you want to work with. It doesn’t say properties and file size anywhere, but I was able to work with 2MP jpegs with no problem.

It is not compatible with TIFF files and always returns a 1920px .png file on the larger page. This is probably the biggest limitation of the page (and the door is open for a paid version).

Color photography using an AI.  (photo: Parlette/Composition/Jose Arana)
Color photography using an AI. (photo: Parlette/Composition/Jose Arana)

After opening a photo, the page processes the original file and then performs the first color adjustment, called Master palette. If the result is as expected, you just have to move the mouse cursor over the image and press the button Save.

But it would be a mistake to stay there. The site offers many more options and that is why it stands out from all the other options on the market. If the image is already colored, there are more options, more filters, in case the first option is not convincing.

Color photography using an AI.  (photo: Parlette/Composition/Jose Arana)
Color photography using an AI. (photo: Parlette/Composition/Jose Arana)

The difference is that you can write how you want the color and lighting to achieve the desired effect, as well as Dall-E. If you want the photo to have the colors of the sunset, you just need to write in English, after hitting the pencil icon “sunset” and clicking the button colorize.

And that’s it, as you can see, it’s extremely easy to use. The only “bad” thing is the format in which it returns the copy of the original. But this is one technology which will eventually be implemented in some famous program or integrated directly into the Google browser.

This artificial intelligence plays soccer like a pro

In deep minda subsidiary of Alphabet and parent company of Googlean AI (artificial intelligence) has been trained to one day become the Leo Messi digital. How? Following a dynamic not very different from the one that would be used in any soccer school to teach a child to play. Only starting from 0 and at a much faster pace.

At Alphabet they started by allowing AI to take control of digital figures that have human shapes and movements. Step by step, the scientists taught them to walk, dribble or dribble, throw and finally play different tricks in basic competitions with teams of two pellet players.

Player giving a cue pass to his partner in the AI.  (photo: DeepMind)
Player giving a cue pass to his partner in the AI. (photo: DeepMind)

If the reader is interested in knowing how the process of this AI was in scoring goals, fouling his teammates and even how he experienced the cooperative and teamwork behaviors typical of a real game, it would be best to enter this note.

In addition to a complete explanation of how this artificial intelligence works, There is a video in that article. where the AI ​​is perfectly appreciated playing soccer like a professional.


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