This could pay María León for making a mistake when singing the National Anthem

As we tell you in this note, María León was criticized on social networksafter having made a mistake during his interpretation of the National Anthem of Mexico in a game between the San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Padres in the stadium Alfredo Harp Helú, located in Mexico City.

To Leon his nerves got the better of him when being in front to hundreds of peopleand confused the part of the hymn that says “by the finger of God it was written”, Well, he mentioned “a soldier of God was written”, those present began to whistle annoyed when realizing the mistake.

After the mistake, hundreds of Mexicans who they felt offended with María León expressed their anger and mockery of her, on the Twitter social network, where in a matter of minutes The moment that was recorded went viral.

Internet users of said network highlighted how it was possible that the anthem of their country was not known or learned, while others asked that it be sanctioned.

And although later he apologized on his social networksthe singer could pay a fine for your mistake.

How much could her mistake cost María León?

The singer could receive an economic fine for having wrongly intoned the National Anthem of Mexico, this according to the Law on the National Coat of Arms, Flag and Anthem, which establishes that people who alter the lyrics of the anthem will be penalized with economic fines.

Economic fines range fromfrom one to 250 times the minimum salary of the person, another punishment that can also be dictated arrest for 36 hours.