This face made Jacky Bracamontes when William Levy’s ex was mentioned

After the sewer was uncovered with the recent declarations of Elizabeth Gutierrez on Jacky Bracamontesthe woman from Jalisco could not escape being asked about it by the press.

As you will remember, the ex dand William Levy He spoke in a podcast about the Mexican a’s book in which he recounted that he had a fleeting romance with the Cuban when they starred in ‘Sortilegio’; in his text, Jacky implied that Elizabeth “tied” the gallant with her second pregnancy, so her idyll with Levy ended.

A few days ago, Elizabeth Gutiérrez made a comment that fell like a bomb: “I think that if you are capable of thinking about it, it is because you are capable of doing it. I do not have the need to tie up any man. I only have two children, and if you questions about that person, I don’t know how many, but definitely more than two. Then ask her who needs to tie up who.”

So now that Jacky has spoken to the press, he simply said: “Everything I said is in the book, and I am clarifying it for those who have doubts, read it and remember what I said, because then they put words in my mouth that I did not say. Now, if there is someone who wants or pretends that I speak ill of a woman, I would never do it, I have never done it, speak ill of anyone, and less of a mother.

But Elizabeth also limited: “I admired that person, I thought she was an admirable person, a good woman, unfortunately I had to know another side of her, nobody told me, I lived it, then later she writes a book and wants to see herself like a victim when it is not. Putting that part that I got pregnant, it makes me a little in bad taste, but well, nothing happens, I wish you all the happiness in the world. “

Was there a romance between Jacky Bracamontes and William Levy?

The war of declarations between Elizabeth Gutiérrez and Jacqueline Bracamontes did nothing but revive the memory of the fleeting romance that the former beauty queen had with William Levy, at the time they starred in ‘Sortilegio’.

She had just ended her courtship, characterized by violence, with the current husband of Bárbara de Regil, Fernando Schoenwald. “The emotional tension that she experienced at that time was very strong,” Jacky once told ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’.

Single and sharing spotlights with William Levy, the flame was lit. Currently there are bickering with Elizabeth Gutiérrez about whether she got pregnant to retain the Cuban and thus prevent her from staying with Jacky, but was there really something between Bracamontes and Levy?

In his book The catwalk of my life, Jacky Bracamontes confirms that the romance advanced because he told her that he was separated from Elizabeth Gutiérrez: “He had told me ‘I’m not with my wife, we are separated’ that’s why we were dating as well as seeing what was happening”.

However, it soon became known that Elizabeth was pregnant. So Jacky recounted: “It was a shock because I didn’t expect him to tell me that because he had told me that they weren’t together, so how? By the Holy Spirit?”…