This is Fenrir, the biggest ‘michi’ in the world… and he can even steal food from the cupboard!

According to his owner, Fenrir’s size allows him to perform feats unusual for a cat; It is about 50 centimeters long.

Cats are not only great companions for us humans, but they also make us happy in the most difficult moments. However, there are cats that cross the limits… but how giant they can become.

Will Powers, owner of the imposing Savannah cat named Fenrir, has shared his pet’s amazing abilities, who holds the title of being the tallest living domesticated cat in the world according to the Guinness Record. Fenrir is just under 50 centimeters tall and is still growing.

According to Will, Fenrir’s size allows him to perform feats unusual for a feline. The owner mentions that his cat is capable of opening doors in an upright position, which makes it exceptionally agile. Also, due to his height, Fenrir can easily reach into the kitchen cupboard and steal snacks, which has led his owner to have to limit his eating to control his rapid growth.

“There aren’t many cats that can do that.” Will expressed when mentioning Fenrir’s ability to open doors by himself. Furthermore, he described how the cat uses its hind legs to accomplish this unusual act.

Will also owns the cat with the longest tail in the world, named Altair, a Maine Coon breed. Altair’s tail measures just over 40 centimeters from base to tip, earning it the corresponding Guinness record. He had also previously owned another Maine Coon, named Cygnus, who also held the title of longest tail until his tragic death in an accident along with another record-breaking cat.

In addition to being the owner of these record-breaking cats, Will highlights Altair’s qualities and quirks. According to him, the cat shows unique and expressive behavior through its long tail, which allows it to communicate in more detail.

With these amazing pets in his home, Will Powers continues to marvel at the extraordinary abilities of his felines and the uniqueness of their personalities. Fenrir and Altair have managed to conquer Guinness World Records, but their owner says that it is their charm and character that make them truly special.