This is how Álvaro Morales threw Santiago Solari for the elimination of América

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Video courtesy: ESPN

Almost two days have passed since the America He was defeated and eliminated on the Azteca Stadium field at the hands of the Pumas. The feline team gave the Eagles a disaster with a score of 1-3. After that, Alvaro Morales He was in charge of giving a new exposition of his wisdom for what happened last Saturday in the field of Colossus of Santa Úrsula.

The Wizard He responded to the statements of the Americanist strategist, who pointed out that they all remained responsible for the elimination and that a general evaluation is made of the internal Coapa team.

“And give him the chant that ‘We are the team that scored the most points in the year. ‘ That doesn’t matter, Solari. ‘I have to make a general evaluation, I am not going to resign. ‘ The general evaluation is very simple: you did not win the (League) title, you did not win the Concachampions, you were eliminated in two Leagues and in the Concachampions you lost the final, as simple as that. You do not have to make a further general evaluation”, Declared the panelist of ESPN during the evening edition of Spicy Soccer.

Álvaro Morales overwhelmed Santiago Solari with everything (Photo: Instagram / @ alvaritomorales / EFE)

Later, Morales himself pointed out that the The former Real Madrid strategist’s management turned into a resounding failure, despite the numbers that the American club presented during this last year. He even made a question about the Argentine coach’s clothing.

“Yours was a failure. Stop the idiotic rhetoric, it’s the title or nothing. In Real Madrid they allowed you to go out in pants, in a cap? Here we want seriousness or is America less? Stop being stupid, your numbers don’t matter, the only thing that matters is what are you going to do to improve? “

“You have to evaluate if (Guillermo) Ochoa is the goalkeeper or not for your team, you have to evaluate how the transitions will be defense-attack, attack-defense, recovery-attack. You have to evaluate if you will continue to do those stupid games of attraction that can come out in a certain time; you have to reorganize, reevaluate, reflect on how your organized attack will be, because we already know how you attack”.

In addition, the “Top of the industry” as he calls himself, left as a reminder that Solari’s predecessor at the helm of America was able to qualify his team for the semifinals of Azteca football.

Álvaro Morales - Club America
Since the elimination of América del Apertura 2021, Morales made severe criticism of América (Photos: ESPN // Twitter @ ClubAmerica)

“Oh, look how things are, dear Santiago: today Piojo (Herrera) is in the semifinals, the man who left the position for you to fill, is in the semifinals and you keep talking about the team with the most points he did, those are bullshit, “he concluded.

The team led by Santiago Solari was the favorite of many experts to advance to the round of the semifinals. And it is that the numbers seemed to tip the balance in favor of the azulcremas, since they occupied the first general position of the competition from matchday 3 to the end of the regular phase. At home, they had not fallen and only allowed two goals throughout the campaign.

After seeming the opposite in front of the university students, locals and strangers have attacked coach Solari and the way in which the Eagles faced the quarterfinal phase. Different media have also already reported that a “clean” of players is possible. of the Americanista club after what happened.

According to what was stipulated in a press release that Club América published on its social networks after last Saturday’s defeat, In the next three weeks, the board will discuss future plans for the team.


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