This is how Anahí’s love story with her husband Manuel Velasco arose

Anahí and Manuel Velasco have been married for eight years.

Last Friday, Manuel Velasco Coellocandidate for the presidential candidacy for the Morena-PT-PVEM coalition, denounced that He was detained and gunned down by Veracruz state police officersafter campaigning.

The 43-year-old Mexican politician opened his heart before the cameras and told how he met the member of RBD, anahíwhom he married on April 25, 2015.

Eight years after their marriage, the candidate for the Green party for the presidential candidacy of Brunette He shared details of the first meeting he had with his now wife, anahí bridge40 years old.

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“She was at the time working on the novel ‘Two homes’, she was the protagonist of the novel and came from many successes both with the group RBD as a soloist. I know her through a mutual friend and well, the truth is that from the first moment I saw her I fell dead; I was struck by her beauty, her charisma, she is a woman with a big heart, always with a great charisma and we started out as friends and we grew fonder”.

“We are introduced by a mutual friend; we started talking and I think from the first moment we had a lot of connection. She was at her job, I was very involved in my land, there was a time when we did not see each other, but thank God we are together, I am blessed to have the woman I have, “he said in an interview for Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

He former governor of the state of Chiapas (2012-2018) He is very aware of the moment when he asked the actress to marry him.

“We started dating in mid-2012, a little earlier, and I gave him the ring in 2014, approximately two years. I gave him the ring in Palenque, in the ruins. There is an energy, it is the land of the mayan gods, Palenque has an ancient culture and it is very symbolic and it was very symbolic both for her and for me. She was going to give it to him a day before, but a very harsh storm caught us ”.

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“I got married in the Cathedral of San Cristobal de las Casas with my lady wife. My wife is beautiful and on the day of the wedding she looked spectacularly pretty. We married Cardinal Don Felipe Arizmendi in the cathedral, he married us, and right now he is in the Vatican. Anahí and I are Catholics and I am a devotee of San Judas Tadeo”,

At the moment, Anahí’s marriage to Manuel Velasco it is very solid; They have two children: Manuel, who arrived two years after they were married, and three years later Emiliano came into their lives.