This is how Andrea Legarreta’s daughters defend their mother…

The year began “violently” in the Mexican show after the strong statements he made Anette Cuburu against Andrea Legarreta during a talk with journalists Ana María Alvarado and Carlo Uriel.

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In the interview, Cuburu described Legarreta as a “bad person” and stated that she was responsible for his dismissal from the Hoy program. He also questioned Erik Rubín’s paternity over one of his daughters.

Faced with these attacks, Mía and Nina, Legarreta’s daughters with Erik Rubín, did not remain silent and expressed themselves through social networks, showering their famous mother with love. The oldest wrote: “Beautiful mom, we are always with you, I am very proud to have you as a mom and the great woman you are. We are a beautiful family, and nothing and no one can change it. I love you”.

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But the most precise and open was Nina, the youngest, who responded, in a few words, to Cuburu’s hatred. “Beautiful mom, you are a warrior and an admirable woman, we know our own truth which is the only one, if anything is known, it is the splendid woman that you are. Never let the evil of this world harm you. I love you”.

Just like the teenagers, dozens of celebrities have joined together in a support network to support Andrea Legarreta after the barrage of insults she received in one of the most controversial interviews in recent months.