This is how Aracely Arámbula reacted to the criticism of a fan who defined her as an ‘old actress’

Aracely Arámbula made it clear that, apart from being a great actress, she knows how to react to attacks.


Aracely Arámbula She is one of the most recognized soap opera actresses in Mexico; However, at 48 years old, it is not unusual for her to receive criticism from “haters” who attack her because of her age; However, she has managed to defend herself against it with elegance.

Beyond their problems with Luis MiguelAracely Arámbula’s work is widely recognized, as we have seen the actress in classic soap operas such as “Pueblo Chico, Hell Grande”, “Soñadoras”, “Abrazame Very Strong”, “Las Vías del Amor” and “La Patrona”.

Recently, Aracely was again the target of an attack through a private message where an Internet user described her as a “old actress”; However, the actress reacted with a confidence that was celebrated by her loyal followers.


The incident occurred after Aracely Arámbula launched some hints allegedly directed to Myrka DellanosLuis Miguel’s ex-partner, it was then that a follower took the opportunity to send the actress an offensive private message: “Because as an actress you are already old,” says the text, full of spelling mistakes.


Aracely Arámbula shared a screenshot of the message with her followers.


The actress did not respond in the same way, and through a screenshot that she shared it reads: “Thank you for so much admiration!!! Sees it!”. This gesture was celebrated by “La Chule” fans, who highlighted his elegance when responding.

As you can see, Aracely Arámbula does not let her age affect her, and she has more than shown us that it is just a number, since she remains an outstanding figure in the world of entertainment despite the family problems in which she has been involved. seen involved with Luis Miguel.