This is how Belinda and Christian Nodal celebrated New Year in Colombia

Belinda celebrated the arrival of 2022 in the company of Christian Nodal and her fiancé’s family with a party in Colombia

Christian Nodal and Belinda are undoubtedly still the couple of the moment and to close with a flourish 2021, the year in which they got engaged, and receive 2022, celebrities celebrated this date in the company of the family of the interpreter of Bottle after Bottle with a party that took place in Colombia.

Through several Instagram stories that were published by Cristy Nodal, Christian Nodal’s mother, there were some moments that Nodeli, the name that has been given to the couple, of how they celebrated the arrival of 2022. The party where Belinda and Christian Nodal said goodbye to 2021 was held in Cartagena, Colombia, where the couple had a great time in the company of their loved ones and as expected, they did not take long to show how much they love each other.

In the videos published by Christian Nodal’s mother, which were taken up by Nodeli fans, Belinda and Christian Nodal are seen giving each other a big hug, this shortly after the 12 chimes, which indicated that 2022 arrived.

On the other hand, in other stories, Belinda delighted her fiancé’s family with some songs. Christian Nodal’s mother captured the moment when the singer performed the song Bella traición. For this occasion, Belinda wore a pink dress with which she showed her statuesque figure. This garment had plush details on the shoulders.

This outfit could be seen to perfection in one of the videos that Cristy Nodal shared where he wrote “My beautiful girl”, referring to the famous. Christian Nodal’s mother shared a message in which I wish all his followers a happy 2022, full of good things.