This is how ‘Boquitas Pintadas’ was formed, the youth musical group that catapulted Gloria Trevi to stardom

In “They are me”, the band where Gloria Trevi played has the name “Fresitas Salvajes”.


The bioseries of Gloria Trevi, “They are me”, continues to cause a sensation among viewers by revealing aspects of the singer’s life that were unknown until now; Particularly striking, for example, is the story of “Boquitas Pintadas”, the band that launched Monterrey’s stardom.

Chapter after chapter, “They are me” continues to reveal the relationship between Gloria Trevi and Sergio Andrade; draws special attention the strict control to which the singer was subjected when she entered “Boquitas Pintadas”an all-girl band that even performed a song composed by Gloria, “caveman love.”

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The band was introduced to the public in the mid 80’s and, although his repertoire of songs is rather small, it served as an important boost for the career of Gloria Trevi. How did Sergio Andrade create “Boquitas Pintadas”? The bioseries “They are me” narrates important details of the formation of the youth musical band.


In “They are me”, we are told how Sergio Andrade had the idea of ​​forming a youth musical band similar to that of “Menudo”, which was the sensation back then, but with only women as members. The year was 1984.

Finally, the music producer managed to bring together María Raquenel Portillo Jiménez “Mary Boquitas”, Claudia Rosas, Mónica Murr and Pilar Ramírez. In addition to knowing how to sing, it was essential that the band members knew how to play an instrument.

About Gloria Trevi, She was the last to join “Boquitas Pintadas”, a group that in the bioseries is called “Fresitas Salvajes”. The Monterrey native came to the band thanks to the recommendation of Ricky Luis; However, not knowing how to play any instrument, she was a victim pressure and mistreatment during his piano lessons, which lasted for several hours without a break.

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“Boquitas Pintadas” debuted in “Siempre en Domingo”, with Raúl Velasco, and enjoyed great success despite its fleeting existence; However, shortly after The group disintegrated due to differences with the record company they worked for.leaving us songs like “I want to return to you” and “Amor cavernícola”.