This is how Checo Pérez showed that he does know Carin León’s songs, he was inspired!

Checo Pérez had a great time accompanied by his friends.


“Checo” Pérez brought out his romantic side during a meeting with his friends, and he showed off singing a popular song by Carin León… So much inspiration!

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After a successful 2023 in Formula 1 full of challenges and, of course, triumphs for Sergio “Checo” Pérez, The man from Guadalajara enjoys a well-deserved vacation in the company of his family, and although the pilot has chosen to stay away from the spotlight, recently He was caught having fun in a bar.

Everything indicates that “Checo” Pérez is a big fan of the regional Mexican genre, or at least that was demonstrated in a short recording that quickly made the rounds on social networks, and where the man from Guadalajara boasted that he was: he knows Carin León’s songsand he sings them with a lot of feeling.


This Tuesday, “Czech” Pérez becameor in trend after a TikTok video was published with which it was proven that the pilot is a great lover of regional Mexican musiccausing a sensation among fans of Guadalajara.

In the short recording, you see “Checo” Pérez in a bar surrounded by a group of friends when, suddenly, the song “First date” playsone of Carin León’s biggest hits in 2023.


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“Czech” Pérez did not hesitate to demonstrate that Yes, he knows Carin León’s songs, singing the lyrics by heart and at the top of his lungs.; Immediately, his friends accompanied him to sing, starring in one of the most memorable moments of the evening.

It didn’t take long for the video to go viral and, among speculation that perhaps “Checo” Pérez is suffering from so-called lovesicknessothers recognized that, in effect, The pilot doesn’t sing the rancheras badly.