This is how Daniel Bisogno reacts when asked if he is with a guy

At the press premiere of the play ‘Lagunilla mi barrio’ in which he participates, Daniel Bisogno He faced a question that, far from making him uncomfortable, ended up confirming that he doesn’t care what they say about him.

And it is that for several months, it is rumored that she has an affair with a young man who recently graduated from university, while he is already around 50 years old. A reporter questioned him about it and the presenter of ‘Ventaneando’ was blunt:

“I don’t care about those things, that everyone says what they want. Everyone knows what they are doing and you never have to explain your life to anyone.”

“What matters is that people are happy, and that’s what it’s about,” said Bisogno, who confirmed that he is happy, “that’s what we came into the world for, that’s what life is about.”

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Notably Jesus Castilloor, the young man with whom Bisogno is linked, went to the premiere of ‘Lagunilla mi barrio’ and enjoyed the show from the first rows.

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