This is how Héctor Parra spent Christmas in prison with a special visit

Héctor Parra is serving a sentence of 10 years and 6 months in prison for the crime of corruption of minors.

(Instagram @hectorparrag)

Daniela Parra has kept us up to date on how Héctor Parra is doing from prison, revealing a shocking detail.

The actor Hector Parra He was able to celebrate Christmas near a very special person for him: his daughter Daniela. The winner of ‘The stars dance on Today’ He went to visit his father in prison to spend time. Christmas Eve together. Erika MartinezDani’s mother, also visited him.

This was confirmed by the young influencer to the media recently, also confirming the dish that the actor ate to celebrate the holidays: “I’m going to see my dad too, but I’m going to go with my mom. This is the third Christmas my dad has spent there (in prison). My grandmother makes him eat what my dad likes, the romeritos and everything.”

About how his father is feeling after being sentenced last May, Daniela Parra said it was quite calm, although he admitted that he has been eager to get out of prison. “Every time he takes it more calmly, because being in there, thinking ‘I want to get out’, well also wears”commented Héctor’s eldest daughter.

Hector Parra

Héctor Parra was known for participating in novels such as ‘The Dreaming Pica’, ‘The Flight of the Eagle’ and ‘I Still Love You’.

(Instagram @hectorparrag)

Why was Héctor Parra sentenced?

Héctor Parra was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison for corruption of minors, for sexually abusing one of his daughters for many years.identified as Alexa Parra Hoffman. This is the maximum sentence that can be imposed on a person for a crime of corruption of minors.

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During the entire legal process that the soap opera actor faced like ‘The dreamy rogue’The flight of the Eagle’ and ‘I still love you‘, his daughter Daniela has defended him and shown her support. Even, He opened a tamale business to earn income and pay for a lawyer’s fees..