This is how Humberto Zurita fell in love with Stephanie Salas

The actor Humberto Zurita told how he fell in love with Stephanie Salas

In recent weeks, the romance between Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas has been the talk of the entertainment world, and although it has not been anything scandalous, it has taken many fans and the media by surprise, due to the age difference between both of them.

After dozens of speculations about the couple, Humberto Zurito has finally revealed how he fell in love with Silvia Pinal’s beautiful granddaughter, in addition to giving more details about how the romance between the two began.

On the occasion of the reappearance of Humberto Zurita in the theater, the actor offered interviews to the media, but was immediately bombarded by his most recent courtship with Stephanie Salas and had no choice but to give in to the questions that were thrown at him.

Humberto Zurita revealed that when he met Stephanie Salas she was still a girl, because the actor is 16 years older than him, however he believes it was a blessing sent by Christian Bach.

That is why after the death of his wife, both began to call each other on the phone and then they began to go out to dinner until suddenly a romance arose and they decided to formalize by introducing themselves to their families.

It was so, curious. We spoke on the phone, as I have spoken with many friends of mine after Christian’s death, who want to see me, talk to me, because they were lifelong friends.

Currently the couple is enjoying the love they have for each other, which they have not hesitated to shout from the rooftops.