This is how Ingrid Coronado did in social networks after her return to television

This Saturday, November 20, what perhaps was unexpected for some happened, because Ingrid Coronado He decided to return to the TV Azteca screen after almost 3 years of absence by his own choice.

It was the premiere of ‘Todos a baile’, a program that required the talent of several Mexican families and with which Ingrid showed that she has everything to be the central presenter of a nighttime broadcast. Or at least that is what some of his followers on social networks believe.

After the premiere of the program, opinions were divided about the presence of Ingrid Coronado on television. This was expressed by some people who thought that the driver showed that she has enough to be a success, although there were those who preferred to speak ill of her.

“Terrible program, very long, very boring and with a terrible screaming host, not worth watching,” someone wrote.