This is how Julia, the daughter of Eduardo Santamarina and Mayrín Villanueva, has grown up: She suffers from a congenital disease

This is how the daughter of Eduardo Santamarina and Mayrín Villanueva has grown up

Jose Luis Ramos

She has the beauty of her mother, Mayrín Villanueva, and the charisma of her father, Eduardo Santamarina.

Without a doubt, Julia, the daughter they both had, is the perfect mix of both artists and that is why she steals attention at any event she attends.

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Having just turned 14, the girl has become fully involved in the activities of her parents and siblings, which is why she accompanies them to presentations, launches and any public event where they are invited.

The night of this Sunday, September 17, Julia attended a special performance of Vaselina with Eduardo and Mayrín and was surprised by how much she has grown.

Santamarina had previously said that The teenager will have to undergo one last surgery next year to correct a congenital problem that makes her left leg shorter than her right.