This is how Osvaldo Benavides looked when he acted as a child in the soap opera ‘El abuelo y yo’

Osvaldo Benavides was part of a generation of children who are very famous today

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At 44 years old, Osvaldo Benavides He has become one of the best actors in our country. His work in numerous film, theater and television productions has opened one door after another for him, savoring the honey of great successes.

What very few remember is that Osvaldo Benavides He debuted at the age of 12 in the children’s soap opera ‘El abuelo y yo’, where actors such as Ludwika Paleta, Flor Edwarda Gurrola, Gael García, Diego Luna and Jorge Poza also took off. Osvaldo was “Paco”, one of the boys in the gang in the story.

Thanks to the internet, there are still some photographs of Osvaldo at the time of the soap opera produced by Pedro Damián, so you can see that the actor is still the same.

grandpa and me

Jorge Poza, Gael García, Diego Luna and Osvaldo Benavides, in ‘Grandpa and I’

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Osvaldo Benavides has won three TVyNovelas awards

After finishing ‘El abuelo y yo’, Osvaldo Benavides continued to prepare and obviously, his most remembered role to date is that of “Fernando de la Vega Hernández”, better known as “Nandito”in the telenovela ‘María, the one from the neighborhood’. In addition, it has three TVyNovelas Awards:

  • Best supporting actor for ‘What life stole from me’ (2015)
  • Best Young Actor for ‘I Still Love You’ (1998)
  • Best young actor for ‘María, la del barrio’ (1996)

Also, Osvaldo has worked on successful series such as ‘I’m your fan’‘Chloroform’ and ‘Monarch’produced by Salma Hayek and a group of renowned producers who came together for this Netflix project.

Without forgetting his time in renowned film productions, such as ‘The First Night’, ‘for free’‘A wonderful world’, ‘The perfect dictatorship’, ‘All wrong’ and ‘Father Mentada’, to mention a few tapes.

And in theater, the actor has been part of ‘Zucco’, ‘Trainspotting’, ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’, ‘The Graduate’ and ‘Hurts’where she shared the stage with her childhood friend, Ludwika Paleta.