This is how the Halloween decoration turned out at Jacky Bracamontes’ house (VIDEO)

Halloween arrives on October 31 and with it, the favorite season for many children to give and receive candy while showing off their best costume. Perhaps that is what the daughters of Jacky Bracamontes will do, who told her that this is her favorite date, above Christmas.

So the presenter who lives in the United States, because she has projects with Telemundo, spent time with the girls to decorate the outside of her house.

It was possible to see, with a video that he shared on Facebook, that his house has large gardens and a lot of space for the greatest enjoyment of the family. They bought inflatable figures for the season, along with other decorations like skeletons and spiders to complete the Halloween look.

In the video, he showed a bit of the exterior of his house, as well as the interior garden where his daughters enjoy a stretchy bed. When asked what her favorite time of year is, the girls said Halloween, but Jacky Bracamontes said that for her it’s Christmas.

That is why the little ones were very excited to help decorate their house, as they themselves put up a “Happy Halloween” sign and some other decorations.

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