This is how the Tesla that fell from a cliff in California was left

Rescuers work to recover a Tesla sedan that fell off a cliff in an area called Devil’s Slide in San Mateo County, California January 2, 2023. San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office/Handout via REUTERS (SAN MATEO COUNTY SHERIFF/)

A family He was miraculously saved after the Tesla car in which he was traveling fell into one of the most dangerous cliffs on the Pacific coast of California last Monday.

The authorities of California they estimated that the driver himself was responsible for the incident.

“It has not been determined what driving mode the Tesla was in, but it does not appear to have contributed to the incident,” the California Highway Patrol posted on its Facebook page.

The authorities arrested Dharmesh A. Pateldriver of the car in which he was traveling with a woman and two children, as a suspect in attempted murder and child abuse.

Tesla car falls off cliff
The authorities believe that the driver himself is responsible for the incident

In the past, some Tesla cars in the United States have been implicated in Deadly accidents when it was activated Autopilotthe set of driving assistance functions that automates some processes such as parking.

The event occurred on Monday, when the authorities received an alert that a car with four people inside had fallen into a precipice on Highway 1, 15 miles south of San Francisco.

Rescuers descended almost 80 meters down the cliff to rescue two children of seven and four yearswith heavy injuries a woman and a man, both 41 years oldand all four were taken to a nearby hospital.

Tesla car falls off cliff
Rescuers descended almost 80 meters to rescue the family

The area in which the serious event occurred is known as “devil’s side” (the side of the devil, in Spanish) due to the fatal accidents that usually happen there and the fact that the victims of the event survived, it was classified as “a miracle” by the authorities.

The California Highway Patrol also announced that once Patel heals from his injuries at the hospital, he will be admitted to the San Mateo County Jailand that the investigation is still open, so they urged the witnesses of the event to give their testimonies.

Tesla car falls off cliff
The area is known for various fatal accidents

The Tesla company has been involved in the past in critics who question the safety of their cars because of the Autopilot function.

In May 2019, the federal agency NTSB, in charge of investigating transport accidents, revealed that the Autopilot of a Tesla Model 3 which crashed in March of that year in Florida, killing its driver, was activated at the time of the crash.

NTSB said at the time that Autopilot did not detect the driver’s hands on the wheel in the last eight seconds and that it did not perform evasive maneuvers to avoid a collision with a truck, when the Model 3 was traveling at 109 kilometers per hour in an area where the limit It was 88.5 kilometers per hour.

Also, in April 2021, a fatal accident killed two people in the County of Harris (Texas, USA) when the vehicle they were occupying, a 2019 Tesla Model S with no one behind the wheel, collided at high speed against a tree.

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