This is how the Ukrainians fight in Bakhmut: 100 mortar rounds a day dodging Russian phosphorus bombs

Ukrainian soldiers shoot mortars against Russian positions near Bakhmut almost without ceasingwhile Russian activity in the area has increased in the last week.

According to the soldiers who watch her, they shoot up to 100 mortar rounds a day from a position close to the city, in eastern Ukraine, while dodging the Phosphorus bombs thrown by troops in the service of Putin.

“It is difficult to drive them (the Russians) out of there. But it’s okay, we’re working. It’s good that they can’t find us: we shoot at them, and they return fire on other green areas,” said a soldier who calls himself “Medvid”, which in Ukrainian means “Bear”. Another soldier, Ruslan, stated that he believed that the Russian forces in the area were well armed and numerous.


What is white phosphorus?

In the footage, soldiers describe how Russian troops fire projectiles containing white phosphorus. It is a pungent, wax-like substance that produces a thick white smoke when it burns, which makes it effective to hide the movements of the infantry when it wants to mobilize, according to experts.

But phosphorus is also famous for the damage it can cause both to humans and to the area where it is deployed.

When it comes into contact with oxygen, phosphorus burns at 800 degrees centigradeburning to the bone if it comes in contact with human skin.

“White phosphorus burns are unpleasant because they are not a traditional fire. If you add water they can get worse,” he told The Moscow Times. Brian Castneran Amnesty International war crimes investigator specializing in bombs and bullets.

It is a type of prohibited weapon, which the Russians have already been accused of using in Syria during their campaign in support of the dictator Bashar Al AssadPutin’s ally in the Middle East.

At the query, the soldiers laugh ironically. “It is also forbidden to kill people!” shouts one of them in Russian. “It is forbidden to kill, invade a foreign country, declare war…”

On the battlefront of Bakhmut
Ukrainian soldiers fired mortars at Russian positions near Bakhmut on Thursday (Reuters)

The head of Putin’s paramilitaries ruled out that he can fully capture Bakhmut in the short term

The head of the Russian mercenaries fighting in Bakhmut said it was unlikely the city would fall in the next two days.

“Bakhmut has not yet been taken”said Yevgeny Prigozhin in a voicemail posted on Telegram. “It is unlikely that Bakhmut will be taken either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

“That’s why I ask you (…) a great favor: let us finish our work”Prigozhin added.

According to him, the Ukrainian soldiers had taken refuge in a “strength” improvised in the south of the city.

“There is a neighborhood known as the ‘Plane‘ – it’s like a strength impregnable of a bed of multi-story buildings in southwestern Bakhmut, where incredibly heavy battles are taking place”.

Prigozhin claimed that Bakhmut will not fall in the next two days
Yevgeny Prigozhin (Reuters)

Prigozhin insisted on hold Russia’s military command accountable of the difficulties to fully capture the city, which according to him the Wagnerite units control 98% after almost ten months of battle.

Moscow views its assault on Bakhmut, a city of some 70,000 before Russia’s full-scale invasion nearly 15 months ago, as an important part of a campaign to capture the rest of the Donbas industrial region of eastern Ukraine. .

(With information from Reuters and EFE)

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