This is how you can change the country of Google Play Store accounts

Changing the territory of the Google app store can only be done once a year

One of the particular characteristics of each platform available in stores Applications is that the functions and characteristics of each one may vary depending on the Location in which the Username.

For example, the new features of some social networks, such as TikTok, instagram, Facebookor apps like Google, Spotify, Apple Musicamong others, are usually launched first in countries such as state JoinedBrazil, Australia, Cadá, England, among others.

even applications of streaming like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+among others, vary their catalog of contents depending on the geographical area in which the user is located, so in these cases people may think that a good option to access the benefits of other versions of the applications is to “cheat” the system Google to make him believe that he is in a Location different.

In the United Kingdom, a law is pending to force applications to protect their users or they will be fined.
The apps have different versions depending on the country the user is in ( / Chanikarn Thongsupa/)

It is possible to change the location of an application

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) fulfills the main function of generating safe browsing in Internetbut you can also modify the actual location of the GPS of a device to make believe system which is in a country or region other than the original, so this type of program is used to make the cell phone believe that it is in USA or another country, so that a different function can be accessed.

However, this action can generate the conditioning of the functions of device to a large extent because the change of country remotely implies some modifications in the Applications.

– The balance that is stored in the platform Google play cannot be used in the new territory, so a new amount must be entered in the application.

– Since each territory or region has a content catalog or main functionalities, it is possible that when changing the country of origin to the application there are some limitations to functions either contents special.

It is possible to change the country in the Google Play store.  (Capture)
It is possible to change the country in the Google Play store. (Capture)

– The payment methods linked to the territory of origin are no longer valid in the place assigned by the VPNso you would have to enter a new card, access codes, among other data.

– The change made by VPN It can only be done once a year, so it could not be reversed after a particular location has been assigned.

How to change the payment method in a Google Play country

In case people are aware that using a VPN is risky for their account Google playbut want to change their store location anyway, can enter a new payment method.

For this, users must perform these steps:

– Enter the application Google Play Store and press the Menu button.

– Within the section of Billusers will be able to identify a specific section to modify the country of origin of the device within a list (this last case will only be possible if a VPN).

Google and Apple ask developers to pay to publish their applications in digital stores.
Changing the territory of Google Play can only be done once a year

– In the event that one of the countries has been clicked and there is no payment method registered in it, people must create a new profile Google play specific to that territory.

– The payment method set when creating the account must correspond to the country. For example, if you want to create a profile for the United States, the baby payment method will be valid in that territory.

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