This is how you can change the location in Google Chrome and Firefox

Google Chrome and Firefox. (photo: We Give Solutions)

After years of analysis and classification by advertisers and advertising agencies, search engines and all kinds of Internet companies, the time has come for many users to come forward.

They no longer want your spending habits, use of Applications or information such as the time spent on certain pages, the searches carried out, the device used or even the location of your browser. Or, in a nutshell, where one connects from.

That the pages that one visits know the location of the browser have their advantage. First, because these can appear in the native language. Or if it is a store, it shows the products that can be obtained where one lives. Or see the content that is of interest, not to someone who lives in Piura or Cusco (in the case of Peru).

But it has its disadvantages as it prevents access to certain content, the information displayed changes depending on the location or knowing where one connects to the internet. Hence the popularity of tools like VPN servers.

Their main advantage is that they tell the internet that you are somewhere other than the location of the browser you are using. A practical way to protect privacy. But the most popular browsers have different ways of change said actual location. Therefore, Infobae brings a guide to do this with Google Chrome Y MozillaFirefox.

How to change location in Google Chrome

Today, browsers like Google Chrome build the ability to know where you are into their code. But the location is very accurate because they get address information IP, ISP or just the connections Wifi who uses the computer. As mentioned before, this has practical advantages, but it also privacy issues or access to certain content.

In Google Chrome, you can disable the ability to know the location of the browser. To do this, go to the Chrome options for developers by following these steps:

– Enter option Watch and then press on developer.

– You can also activate these tools with Control Shift if you are using Windows either ALT-Command if you are using a macbook.

– The interesting part is in the option Console. press this tab

– Then the dropdown menu showing three vertical dots.

– When pressed, a list of options will appear. What matters is the option. sensors.

– Here you can see the option Location either Location. Now you can change the location of the browser using the dropdown menu. You can choose a city or latitude and longitude directly. Or the time zone.

The purpose of this feature is for development testing, but in practice it helps to spoof or mask the location of the browser, i.e. where one connects from.

Change web browser location.  (photo: Watch How It's Done)
Change web browser location. (photo: Watch How It’s Done)

How to Change Browser Location in Firefox

If you are more of a fan of Firefox, the browser that defeated internet explorer and continues to strive to be a browser that protects user privacy, you should know that changes can also be made to hide or disable location during browsing. Basically, this means that Firefox cannot display or share information related to the user’s geographic location.

By default, Firefox already tries not to send this information to the pages you visit. Also, if you enter a page and it wants to know the location of the browser, you will see a notification about it. You can say yes, or better not.

Likewise, in Settings > permissions, you can see what permissions have been given to the pages to know the location or other information. Pages can also be blocked directly so they don’t ask. But it’s time to add a plus of privacy. Just follow these steps:

– Go to menu Setting of Mozilla Firefox. But not the usual. To do this, you have to write “about:config” in the address bar.

– In about:config touch search for a specific option called geo.enabled. It can be searched using the search field that can be seen in the settings menu that opens.

– when it appears geo.enabledit will be seen that by default it has the value true.

– Click on it and change it to false. And ready.

Change web browser location.  (photo: Mozilafan)
Change web browser location. (photo: Mozilafan)


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