This is how you can download NASA’s 2023 calendar

NASA 2023 Calendar

A few weeks to go 2022the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released to the public, as every year, its calendar official for the year 2023 that can be downloaded for free by the curious of the outer space and the science both in English and Spanish.

This document, which is already available at the Web page from the space agency USAcontains a total of 14 Photographs in high quality taken from satellites of some natural phenomena in the cosmos, such as the Carina Nebula where millions of starsor details of the nature terrestrial as the longest lightning in the world, which covered a horizontal distance of 768 kilometers.

The calendar also includes a few words from Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of the Science Mission Directorate of the POTin which it is stated that “in Marswe’ve continued to search for signs of ancient life, both microscopic and macroscopic, as the Rover Perseverance collects samples of sand and rock to bring back to Earth. Land in 2033.”

Current and future missions according to NASA's 2023 calendar
Current and future missions according to NASA’s 2023 calendar

On the other hand, the schedule of the POT from next year also includes a special illustration showing a girl climbing a ladder through a hole into the sky. outer spacewhere I could see the moon, the sun, and a galaxy in the distance.

Each month in the year is accompanied by a Photography space taken by the POTyour name, and an explanation of what can be seen or what the find means to the science. In addition, each month that is presented in the calendar includes the biography of men and women who work or worked within the institution and generated contributions scientists important for the understanding of cosmos.

Another detail of calendar offered free of charge is that it contains information about the current and future missions of the POT and what will be their destinations. In the case of telescopes The spacecraft James Webb and Hubble, for example, are close in name to an illustration of a galaxy by the nature of their functions, while the Juno and Lucy probes are close to a galaxy. Jupitersince they have the mission of studying this planet.

Photograph of the world's largest lightning bolt in NASA's 2023 calendar
Photograph of the world’s largest lightning bolt in NASA’s 2023 calendar

How to download the NASA calendar for the year 2023

The document is freely accessible on the website of the POT without prior access to an account or special registration as a user on the official site of the American institution. In order to download it, people will need to follow these steps:

– Enter the Web page of science.nasa.govwhere you can see a variety of audiovisual resources such as photos and videos, as well as the image of the day and space news.

– Click on the “Get Involved” tab and then on the “Toolkits” option.

– Within this section you will find the “Planning Guides” option, which you must click to find the calendar of 2023 as well as that of other years since the 2007 to the present.

The NASA website has calendars available from the year 2007. (Capture)
The NASA website has calendars available from the year 2007. (Capture)

each of calendars available in the Web of the POT has at least two versions. The first is the resolution for printing, which has more detail in the images and is ideal for large formats, while the low resolution is for storage on devices such as smartphones Y PCs.

Since the year 2020 the POT added two new versions corresponding to the Spanish versions of the documents in high and low resolution and can also be found in physical formats in the space agency store at a price of 10 dollars.

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