This is how you can download Netflix video games on iPhone, iPad and Android: Stranger Things, among the highlights

Learn how you can download Netflix games on iOS and Android. (photo: The Computer Group)

Netflix has promised to bring its games to iOS and Android users, and they are now available – after launching them on Android, the app is already offering them on iPhone. Currently, they are six video game free for Netflix subscribers They have neither ads nor in-app purchases.

It seems that the great dominance of the red N in terms of series, movies and even documentaries are not enough for their objectives. Well now, the streaming giant aims to consolidate itself as a platform that has power in all areas of multimedia, including games and from mobile: the first six proposals are now a reality on most phones and perfectly complement the television experience.

Netflix games or netflix games

Netflix video games are now available on iOS

As with Android, the first six Netflix games can be found in the menu of an iPhone application, but they are not downloaded directly from there because Netflix acts as a simple launcher: each of the games must be installed through the App Store.

The wide variety of “Games” is now available on Netflix for iPhone and also for iPad. This type of entertainment does not yet have a separate category in the bottom menu, as it does on Android, although there will surely be app updates for iOS in the future.

Netflix is ​​now available on iOS.  (photo: RPP)
Netflix is ​​now available on iOS. (photo: RPP)

Video games available for download on your smartphone

Bowling Ballers: Bowling game with an “endless” or endless style in which you have to overcome obstacles obtaining as many pins as possible.

Teeter (Up): Game of puzzles and physics where you have to put patience avoiding obstacles until you sneak the ball.

Shooting Hoops: Simple casual game in which you have to throw basketballs to beat the levels.

Card Blast: Puzzle game based on poker cards with a certain Candy Crush air.

Stranger Things 3 – The Game: Retro graphics for an adventure centered on the plot of the third season.

Stranger Things – 1984: An action-adventure game based on the franchise that also boasted the 8-bit pixelated style.

Stranger Things The Game.  (photo: Rokida)
Stranger Things The Game. (photo: Rokida)

Download Netflix games on your iPhone or Android

The first step is to open the Netflix application on your mobile device. You must be connected to the Internet and update the Netflix application to the latest version. You have to go down through the interface and the “Netflix Games” or “Netflix Games” section will appear.

There is currently no special section for games, all content (games, videos and movies) can be found in the main section.

Section from
“Games on Netflix” section. (photo:

When you are in the games list, you can click on the game of your choice. It won’t work in the Netflix app, but it will open an App Store tab or Google play, where you can download it.

When you choose the game to download, you will get a preview in the Netflix app. To open the App Store or Google Play tab, you must press the “Download game” button.

After pressing the button “Get”, the application will start downloading automatically. And once installed, you can open it and play. In addition, you will not need to be connected to the internet to enjoy the video game.

06-08-2021 App Store APPLE POLICY
08-06-2021 App Store APPLE POLICY (APPLE /)

Download free Netflix games to your iPhone and the games will not show ads or in-app purchases. In fact, the only purchase option presented by the games is the subscription to the standard Netflix plan.

Once you have followed these steps, you will be able to play Netflix games at no additional cost, as long as you have activated a subscription to the Standard Plan or the Premium Plan.


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