This is how you can find out the price history of a product on Amazon

Users can see the evolution of product prices on Amazon with a web page. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol/File Photo (PASCAL ROSSIGNOL/)

Today there is a tool that can help people get a complete history of the prices that have been offered for a product on Amazon.

The website allows users to visualize through a graph the evolution of the prices of the products of Amazon in a simple way and that makes it easier for people to make decisions about whether it is convenient to buy at that time or wait for the current price to drop a bit more before making any trades.

The CamelCamelCamel service allows users to view the evolution of the price of products on Amazon.
The CamelCamelCamel service allows users to view the evolution of the price of products on Amazon.

The website is not a seeker of products, but a price comparator, so even when you can search for the keywords of the articles, it is more advisable to enter Amazonenter the specific page of the productcopy the link and insert it in the bar search by camelcamelcamel.

Once this is done, users will see at the bottom a box with a green line that represents the evolution of the price of the products in recent months, although it can be extended up to a period of one year, in addition to information as the maximum price that has been had and the minimum registered in that period of time.

On the other hand, one can also apply filters to include even lower prices should they be desired articles new from third parties that are for sale or that are used. All three filters can be activated at the same time to view a comparison wider than prices.

CamelCamelCamel (Capture) price comparison table
CamelCamelCamel (Capture) price comparison table

Additionally, to ensure that users recognize when a product It has a good price and it is the ideal moment to buy it, the Web page has labels on the products that identifies them as “Good price” and “Best price”. If an item is in any of these categories then the user must decide if he wants to wait a little longer or buy at that moment.

In the event that users decide not to purchase the product immediately, the camelcamelcamel website has a special option called scout of Priceswhich is dedicated to establishing an ideal percentage of decrease in the price of a product so that the user receives an alert for email in a reminder way.

This function is free and is enabled for any user of the Web page. All users have to do is enter their mail e-mail, establish what type of product they want (of Amazon, new from third parties or used from third parties), indicate the percentage reduction in price that they want to obtain and click the Track button. Once the amount is reduced as much or more than what is indicated, an alert will be received by email for the user to enter Amazon for the purchase.

Price scout in CamelCamelCamel (Capture)
Price scout in CamelCamelCamel (Capture)

Is Web page also has its own extension designed for Google Chrome. To use it, you just have to enter the specific web page of an Amazon product and click on the special button on the Program. The same table of evolution of prices will appear and indicate to the users if the amount requested by the company is convenient for the buyer.

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