This is how you can remove profanity from Apple Music songs

Tool to remove songs that have explicit lyrics. (Sebastian Kahnert/)

When gathering the family at a party or an afternoon to share with friends, music plays an important role, however, there will be minors or those who are uncomfortable with certain words used in some songs. For those who use Apple Music there is a solution at hand.

Through a tool you can generate a playlist that contains the ‘familiar’ versions of those songs, eliminating music that has explicit lyrics and ending annoying situations with other people or having to wait to go to the next track.

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Create family playlists in Apple Music

the platform of Manzana does not have a direct function that allows you to do this, but there is an application that you can download for your direct access to siri gives you the option to scan the songs from a previously created playlist.

To start it must be downloaded to the phone Make Clean Playlist, that it is not in the App Store but you have to look for it directly in the browser to download it from iCloud.

After having it ready and running it, it will show a pop-up window to select any saved playlist. The platform will then ask for the new list to be assigned a name and will start creating a ‘clean’ version.

Apple Music is now available on Waze.  (photo: The Net Net)
Tool to remove songs that have explicit lyrics.

This process will take a few minutes, but the result will deliver songs without explicit content, instead it will look for the familiar version without profanity or with sexual or violent references. In case of not finding that version, the system will be in charge of informing the user and eliminating it automatically.

Although the application does a good job, it is important to review the list after finishing the process, because it often has problems due to the configuration of the system.

An example, like the one given in Life Hacker, is what happens with the track Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams from green Day where two songs are mixed in a single file, although both have their clean version, the system cannot detect this situation and it will be the user who must search for it separately to add it to the list.

This application was created by a user on Reddit, who also took it upon himself to design a counter version called Make Dirty Playlist, that what it does is create a playlist with songs in their explicit versions instead of the familiar ones.

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Apple Music update will show the lyrics of the songs.  (Manzana)
Tool to remove songs that have explicit lyrics.

Karaoke on Apple Music

A function that can be mixed very well with this application for family gatherings or with friends, is the karaoke option that is available in the app for iPad Y iphone and that it is already coming to the web version.

A couple of weeks ago, Apple began testing for the inclusion of this function in the browser, a platform that was launched in 2019.

Here users will be able to follow the lyrics with the rhythm of the song in a box on the right side of the screen. However, to be able to use the karaoke it will be necessary to pay the subscription to the streaming music service, since this is the only way to enjoy Apple Music on multiple devices.

This feature is being tested in the beta version of the web browser, so it is not yet known when it will arrive for all users.

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