This is the atmosphere on the set of “La Madrastra”

Epy Vélez has no doubt that Aracely Arámbula is the mainstay of the telenovela “La Madrastra”, not only because of what is seen on the screen, but also because of what happens behind the scenes.

His opinion is not the only one that praises the actress who has returned to Televisa to star in this melodrama.

Carmen Muga also points out that she cares so much for Aracely that she even gives her advice on how to look better on screen.

“When there is a light that does not favor me, she asks that it be corrected, without caring that she has to repeat the scene.”

Vélez plays a young blind woman who works as a secretary for José Elías Moreno.

Palmeira Cruz is Betina Epy Vélez plays a blind woman Deigo Soldano helps Marcia find the murderer

Epy Vélez plays a blind woman Deigo Soldano helps Marcia find the murderer

Deigo Soldano helps Marcia find the killer

Muga, for her part, is the best friend of Aracely’s character: they meet in prison and develop a friendship that has gone from the screen to real life.

This feeling that Aracely Arámbula behaves with a peculiar maternal sense with her peers is also felt by Palmeira Cruz, who points out that acting by her side has been a constant learning.

Diego Soldano, who plays Gaspar, a businessman who is helping Aracely’s character find the real killer, has an even more favorable opinion because he has known Arámbula for 9 years.

Their first performance together was in 2013’s La Patrona and since then they have been in four projects together, including La Madrastra.

“It has been a spectacular reunion because we haven’t seen each other since 2016, when we did La Doña. For me it has also been a return to Televisa in which there are many memories, so I can only thank you for this opportunity.”