This is the electric plane that promises to be the fastest in the world, for what reason

File photo. | Credit: John M. Dibbs / Rolls Royce (JOHN M DIBBS /)

In order to create cleaner airplanes in ecological matters, the Rolls Royce company created the ‘Spirit of Innovation’, a completely electric airplane that seeks to lay the foundations for a more sustainable future and that is part of the project ‘Accelerating the Electrification of Flight ‘supported and funded by the’ Aerospace Technology Institute ‘and the UK government.

However, beyond the project, the company ensures that this aircraft has become the “fastest electric vehicle in the world”, reaching a record speed of 623 km / h in the tests of this November 16 at the test site of experimental aircraft ‘Boscombe Down’, which belongs to the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom.

Beyond the milestone and the announcement, Rolls-Royce wants to patent this fact, as it has already sent the corresponding test data to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the federation that controls and certifies aeronautical and astronautical records worldwide.

The division of the English brand in charge of creating aircraft engines had started flying this aircraft for the first time in September, which is a prototype, which although it has a classic design and with a single propeller, has a 400 kW electric propulsion system and a 6,000-cell battery pack, which according to the brand itself, is the densest in the aerospace industry.

The prototype not only seeks to take the title of the fastest electric vehicle, because from the test carried out on November 16, the data sent to the FAI seeks to break 3 records, since in 3 kilometers the aircraft reached a speed of 555.9 km / h, breaking the existing record of 213.04 km / h. In 15 kilometers the aircraft reached a speed of 532.1 km / h, 292.8 km / h faster than the previous record.

Finally, ‘Spirit of Innovation’ exceeded the fastest time to climb to 3,000 meters with an advantage of 60 seconds with a time of 202 seconds, according to data collected by the English company.

As for the title of the fastest electric vehicle, everything seems to indicate that it has broken the record and has taken that honor away from the ‘Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3’, a “rocket” car developed by Ohio State University and that in 2016 had reached a speed of 576 km / h.

The first flight for Rolls-Royce all-electric plane 'Spirit of Innovation' flown at Boscombe Down on Wednesday 15th of September 2021. A key milestone in the ACCEL project for the team as they gear up to the world record attempt later this year.
File photo. | Credit: Jane Stockdale / Rolls-Royce (Jane Stockdale /)

“The advanced battery and propulsion technology developed for this program has interesting applications for the Advanced Air Mobility market. Following the global focus on the need for action at COP26, this is another milestone that will help make ‘jet zero’ a reality and supports our ambitions to deliver the technological advancements society needs to decarbonize transportation by air, land and sea. “Stated Warren East, CEO of Rolls-Royce

It should be noted that this project is only a prototype, that is, the English company does not have among its objectives to produce electric airplanes.


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