This is the fight between Luis Miguel and Roberto Palazuelos that buried their close friendship

Roberto Palazuelos was a great friend of Luis Miguel until 1989, when a strong argument occurred between them.


After they leaked some photos where Palazuelos is seen very affectionate with an ex of Luis Miguelas we informed you in this week’s edition of TVyNovelas, fans remembered on social networks the friendship that existed between them a few years ago and that ended up disintegrating after a strong argument, Will there be reconciliation or does the distance between them continue?

In the 80’s, when Luis Miguel He was at the height of his fame as a singer, His close friendship with Roberto Palazuelos, the popular “Black Diamond” was well known; However, from one moment to the next they stopped talking to each other and never touched the subject in front of the media again, leaving a mysterious trail around this topic.

There have always been rumors surrounding this estrangement: fights, gossip, envy? Perhaps the doubt would have remained in the collective culture for longer, but the launch of “Luis Miguel: The series”, by Netflixput an end to this, because the production did not hesitate to recreate episodes from the life of “El Sol” that until now had remained secret; one of them is, of course, the fight that Luis Miguel and Roberto Palazuelos had while celebrating in a disco in Acapulco.


It is in chapter 10 of “Luis Miguel: The series”, where it is narrated the discussion that Roberto Palazuelos and “El Sol” had in 1989 during a party in a nightclub in Acapulco, place where a group of friends had gathered to celebrate the first performance of Palazuelos in a soap opera

Apparently it was all about an exchange of insults between Luis Miguel and Roberto PalazuelosWell, at a certain point in the chapter, the singer makes fun of the actor’s achievements and even goes so far as to tell him that he is ungrateful, because thanks to him, Palazuelos had traveled the world for free; He even told her a phrase that was the reason for memes at that time: “You will never be like me.”

“Who wants to be like you? You are alone. (…) Look what you did to Sophie. Does what you did to her seem little to you? Have you already gone to see her? Do you even know the girl? (. ..)”, responds, wounded, Roberto Palazuelos, claiming to Luis Miguel his little parental responsibility.

This intense conversation ended with a Luis Miguel turning around and walking away from Palazuelos to never speak to him again until these days. Now that the photos of the “Black Diamond” with Mercedes Villador have come to light, it was irresistible for fans to remember this moment in the series, wondering how Luismi would react to this.


Roberto Palazuelos, after infiltrating the photos with Mercedes Villador, He did not remain silent and immediately issued a statement to clarify the situation:

The images correspond to the filming of the new Playdoit campaign (…) These images were taken on August 15 at the Toluca Airport, which was the set chosen for the Playdoit production and where two television spots were filmed, starring Mercedes and a server” he assured.

Similarly, Palazuelos took the opportunity to ensure that have a friendly relationship with Mercedeswithout reaching something else.